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Abia Business Club CIC

Social-purpose driven business and community network



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01.  Who is ABBUC?

ABBUC stands for Abia Business Club. 

02.  I am a politician, can I join?

ABBUC is not a political organisation.  We are Community Interest Company.  You can join as an individual or as an organisation; but

not as a politician

03.  If I join ABBUC, how much profit can I share yearly?

ABBUC is Not-for-Profit making organisation.  As social enterprise, ABBUC aims to provide benefit to the community;

or to trade with a “social purpose,” rather than to make a profit.

04. What then is my benefit as a member?

You will join us in the monthly networking which provides platform for fund providers to meet with those who require funds to meet and interact with

with individuals and organisations that have need of funds.  You will also have the opportunity to receive supports for your business at our Enterprise Centre or through Virtual Resource Centre

05.  I am not a member of your Abia community can I still join?

Although ABBUC is for the members of Abia Community; yes you can join us.  Membership is open to those who want to support social enterprises that aim to provide benefit to the community rather than to make a profit.  Membership is also open to individuals and organisations that want to access funds for their profit-oriented businesses

06.    I do not want to join, can I still contact ABBUC if I have funds that support social                                         enterprise in your community or if I need funding for my social enterprise?

Yes you can still join us even if you are Not a member.


07.   I am an Investor. Will I be subjected to any form of charges/fees?

Not at all.  We welcome investors and funders who want to provide funds for social enterprise in our community and our members  Please contact us.

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Registration Number: 12467738